Our $750 Real Estate Agent Referral Program

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PURE Property Management is helping 1,000s of investors enjoy a greater return on their residential rental investments with less hassle and headache. If you have a client that is a residential investor in need of property management, it would be PURE’s pleasure to work with you.

We take care of you

$750 referral bonus per client*
We offer a cash referral bonus of $750 to agents who refer their clients to us for ongoing property management services.

Your client stays your client
We will not work with the referred client in a buy/sell transaction and will never refer your client to another agent.

We’re your partner, not your competition.

High-touch and hyperlocal
Like you, we’re an expert in this market and guarantee to provide the same high level of care. We’re always happy to help with market insights and assist in closing new investor deals.

We take care of your client

2,000 years of experience
Combined, we have 2,000 years of property management experience. Our team is equipped with the technology and processes to handle any property management task with professionalism.

Peace of mind
We specialize in navigating complex laws and regulations at all levels of government, which minimizes risk and ensures your client's investment is always in compliance. We're committed to solving problems and delivering the best possible outcome for your client.

Maximize the ROI
We go above and beyond to maximize your client's rental income by setting competitive rental rates, effectively marketing the property, minimizing vacancy periods, and utilizing numerous other leading property management strategies.

About PURE Property Management - Sacramento

The Sacramento office serves the greater Sacramento area specializing in residential property management. Our team has been operating in the market for over 30 years.

PURE combines over 2,000 years of property management experience across the company with world-class technology to deliver simple and satisfying experiences for all residents and investors.

*Referral bonus is paid when the resident is selected, moved in, and the first month's rent is paid. Referral bonus is paid to the referring agent’s broker, who then transfers the referral bonus to the referring agent.

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