Thank you for renting with PURE Property Management. We hope you love living in your new rental home.

This short video about your Utilities and has important information on what you are responsible for.

While you prepare for your move, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you about your responsibility regarding the utilities. Unless your lease states that the Landlord pays for your utilities, it is your responsibility, AS OF THE DAY YOUR LEASE BEGINS, for you to have all utilities on, and in YOUR name.

This can include electric power, gas, water and sewer, and sanitation. Remember, even if you have not yet moved in, or if you choose to move out early, these utilities must be active in your name. Initiating service for television, Internet, and telephone is always your responsibility.

To assist with this process PURE Property Management has partner with Citizen Home Solutions. Citizen Home Solutions, will be contacting you by phone to help you setup your utilities. This is a free service to assist you with connecting utilities, cable and internet according to your area. They will be contacting you in the next day or two, if you have not heard from Citizen Home Solutions, please go to their website at the address on your screen for assistance with the setup of your utilities. 

Please note, if the utilities are not on and in your name as of the commencement date of your lease, you will be billed for any usage, as well as an administrative fee.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the office and speak with your property manager, if you have questions, we will be happy to assist you.

Thanks for renting with PURE Property Management!

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