Renter’s Insurance

Thank you for choosing to rent a home with PURE Property Management. We would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend the purchase of Renter’s Insurance. Please view the short video on all the benefits.

In today’s insurance world, rental homes are in fact, insured by the Landlord, however, Landlord Insurance ONLY covers the structure of the home, and not the contents. In your home the landlord is likely to be responsible for the repair and maintenance of items such as appliances - like the oven or dishwasher - but YOUR possessions are NEVER covered by the landlord’s insurance policy.

We always hope life will bring us positive life experiences, but unexpected or unfortunate things can happen and if an event occurs in your home, and your possessions are destroyed or missing, you’ll want to know that they will be repaired or replaced. The Owner, via your rental agreement, does require you to carry a renter’s insurance policy. You will need to provide proof of this policy to our office. Please check with the office for details.

Renter’s Insurance is a low-cost way to protect your possessions and gain a little peace of mind. Most insurance companies offer renters insurance, but if you need a recommendation, feel free to call the office and speak to your property manager who will be happy to make a few recommendations.

Thanks again for renting with PURE Property Management, the Sacramento region’s premier property management company. 

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