Our Referral Program

If you are a licensed Realtor you should be taking advantage of this offer. Be sure to watch the short video on how easy it is to refer clients and partner with us.

Are you a hard-working real estate professional who always looks out for your client’s best interests? Do you occasionally find the market is not cooperating with your client’s goal, and the listing is difficult to sell? Do you fear losing the client and their listing to another real estate agent? 

Now you have another tool in your professional real estate toolbox. Now you can refer your client to PURE Property Management, Sacramento’s premier property management company! 

PURE Property Management is a full-service property management company that will take great care of your client and their property. They will find a tenant and manage the property, helping your client with their cash flow until the market is ready for the sale of their property...AND they even pay you a referral fee when you save the day, by referring them to PURE Property Management! 

The best part is that we will provide you a written guarantee that when it comes time to sell the property, we point the client back to you, reminding them of the great professional service you provided when the sales market wasn’t going their way. Our property management company will never sell the property of the clients you refer to us. 

And by the way...PURE Property Management helps with more than troubled listings. We also work with real estate investors every day to manage their real estate portfolios, whether large or small. 

Call us today and learn why we are the Sacramento sales agents’ number one referred property management company. 

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