Introduction to our lease signing process

Welcome and congratulations on your new rental home with PURE Property Management. Prior to signing, please watch the short video to learn more on this process.

Prior to signing, we request that you print the lease and review it carefully. Once we have received your Security Deposit, we will then email your finalized rental agreement to you via our electronic signature system contained within your online portal.

The lease documents are a very important commitment between you and the landlord. Consider it a document that governs almost all aspects of your occupancy and sets expectations for all parties involved.

Should you have any questions or want to discuss any topic in the lease, contact the office to speak with a property manager who will be happy to assist you. After you have reviewed the lease and are comfortable with the terms and conditions, you can e-sign the lease and be on your way to moving into your new rental home.

Thank you for completing this very important step of reading and understanding your lease, and for renting with PURE Property Management. 

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