Key Questions to Ask a Property Manager as a Property Investor in Sacramento

Key Questions to Ask a Property Manager as a Property Investor in Sacramento

Managing a rental property in Sacramento is something best left to professionals, especially if you’re a busy investor who is not interested in taking on the tasks of leasing, management, and maintenance yourself. 

As you begin to look for a Sacramento property management professional, what kinds of questions should you be asking? 

We’ve got some key questions that you always want to ask a property manager before you hire them. These questions should lead to larger discussions that will show you who they really are and how they work. 

Here are the first questions we recommend you ask. 

What Kind of Property Management Services Do You Offer?

A pretty basic start, but an important one. A property manager's services can vary depending on their expertise and experience. Some offer full-service property management, which includes advertising, screening, rent collection, maintenance, and renovations. Others may only offer certain services, such as leasing. 

You can hire any property manager to find residents, respond to plumbing issues, and generate financial reports. Look for an expert who really knows the industry and is interested in your investment goals. 

How are Resident Relationships Handled?

One of the most critical responsibilities of a property manager involves residents. You want to understand how your potential management partner: 

  • Screens residents.

  • Retains residents.

  • Listens to and communicates with residents.

  • Holds residents accountable. 

Ask about eviction rates and how often rent is paid on time. You want to know if residents are satisfied with the property management services they’re receiving. A good relationship with residents leads to more stability and profit for your investment property. You’re looking for a property manager who can take a customer service approach and also hold your residents accountable to the lease agreement and their own responsibilities. 

How Do You Leverage Communication and Technology?

Effective communication is essential for a successful relationship. Make sure to ask the property manager how they communicate with you, as the investor, and with your residents. Will they provide regular updates on rent collection, maintenance requests, and lease violations? Do they have a 24-hour hotline for emergencies? A property manager's ability to communicate effectively can mean the difference between a happy and unhappy resident.

A lot of property management can be automated now, thanks to technology. Ask a property manager how they leverage technology and whether they invest in software and systems. Can rent be collected online? Are there self-showings? Do they use Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to predict maintenance needs?

There’s no right answer. But, you do want to understand your property manager’s comfort with and willingness to use excellent technology. 

What is Your Experience Like as a Sacramento Property Manager?

Ask Property ManagerYou want to understand how many years your property manager has been in the industry, and you also want to know how much experience they have in the local market. What do they know about the latest trends in property management, the local rental values, and the competing properties? Ask. 

You’ll also want to know if they’re up to date on all of the state, local, and federal laws pertaining to rental property. California is strict with its resident protections and requirements. 

Hiring a property manager is essential for property investors in Sacramento who want to earn more and spend less on their investments without worrying about the day-to-day details. A good property manager can take care of those operations, maximize rental income, and prevent costly mistakes. 

We’d be happy to answer these questions and tell you more. Contact us at PURE Property Management. 

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