The Holiday Season Is Here!

The Holiday Season Is Here!

December 10, 2021  |  from the professional blog of PURE Property Management 

The Holiday Season Is Here!

Here are some important resources and Fire Safety tips to stay safe.

The holiday season is here and many of us enjoy putting up holiday decorations this time of year. Yet there are safety precautions to take so that our festivities don’t end up in disaster like Clark Griswold’s Christmas lights.

December brings the colder weather too, which means those cozy fireplaces will see more use. But roasting chestnuts over an open fire, and hanging stockings on the hearth, are only several things that can bring about seasonal fire hazards.

The National Fire Protection Association reports a number of causes for winter holiday fire risks, including Christmas trees, holiday decorations, candles, and holiday cooking. In fact, one in five home fires can occur in December, their research shows.

Electrical cords and power strips are just one common hazard around the holidays, especially if you’re plugging all those lovely decorations into the same outlet. They can become hot, torn or loose and you do not want that near a dry Christmas Tree.

Having inside and outside outlets installed around your home is a far safer investment than the damages that can result from accident or fire.

A cozy, safe atmosphere is essential this time of year, and that means keeping those fireplaces cleaned before use and keeping lit candles out of harm’s way and always attended. 

Here is a wonderful link to even more “Holiday Fire Safety Tips” that are sure to help you prevent those unwanted hazards this holiday season!

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