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The Wrong Kind of Tenant & Damage to Your Property

Owners and investors have an important concern above all others when they are placing tenants in their properties; damage to the property and possibly even having to follow through with the eviction process. This can result in a number of issues, namely loss of rent and the cost of repairs that can result in the owner paying thousands in potential expenses. 

Even with the careful and meticulous screening and application process that we use to place the perfect families in your property, unforeseeable problems can arise. 

We’ve all heard worse-case-scenario stories of the 'wrong' kind of tenant: 

  • Trashing the property
  • Not paying rent or getting behind on payments
  • Neighbors continually reporting domestic disturbance 

Unfortunately, the troubles that besiege your tenants can often affect our troubles as well. We, as your property management company know how frustrating it can be for an owner to have to pick up the pieces in the aftermath and have to make up for losses out of pocket. 

However, we have all been faced with financial and personal hardships. Even the most reliable tenants can have pressures and misfortunes: 

  • Loss of employment
  • Unforeseen family issues and other life-changing events
  • Emergency health expenses 

Any number of problems can arise with your tenants, and if you do indeed find yourself in these situations, as your dedicated property manager we can help you and your tenants find a smooth process though these circumstances. 

In fact, we’d like you not to worry about these matters at all. That is why we suggest a special type of insurance coverage to help shield you from these potential hardships. 

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