Benefits of Rental Income

Benefits of Rental Income

April 23, 2021  |  from the professional blog of PURE Property Management 

Benefits of Rental Income 

(and they’re not what you think)

As with many investors, you likely have a mortgage on your rental property. And like many, you may consider having rental income as the most important and lucrative aspect of investing in property as it helps covers your mortgage.

That is not necessarily the entire truth.

There are many other aspects of owning and maintaining a rental property that are far more advantageous.

Here are a few examples:

  • The principle balance on your mortgage is steadily being reduced each month
  • Tax deductions for mortgage interest on rental properties owned
  • Real estate appreciates in value over time

All of these can be substantial, especially the longer you keep the property, saving you hundreds of dollars every month.

To help you see the bigger picture, PURE Property Management can help you get started with a rental analysis. The range of this assessment depends on different features and animates of the property itself.

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